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Jewelry is more than just jewelry, it’s a commitment, a memory, a story.

Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers: The Ahee Diamond

Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers: All is Bright (Christmas 2018)


  • A minimal amount of spending on creative has resulted in millions of dollars in sales and growing.
  • Transitioned print catalog users to engaged, online users.
  • The campaigns have Increased awareness of specific demographics and attracted a younger target market.

About the project

In order to reach a new, slightly younger audience, Ahee Jewelers needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that focused on delivering a precise message in the most engaging mediums possible. At the same time, we had to align with the elegant image and traditional charm that has resonated with their longtime very respected clientele.


The first course of action was for DPro to create over 25 branded videos telling the story of Ahee, to be released as a series over several months. These pieces were supported by a universal, organic social media push, as well as paid social media marketing. Some of the titles – The Making of a Diamond Ring, The Papal Visit, Celebrating Life’s Special Moments. Three television commercials aimed at this new demographic were produced, to be aired during red carpet programming before the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and Tony Awards, in addition to large screen cinema advertising. This high‐profile media schedule, combined with strategically placed billboards and timely use of print advertising, achieved maximum reach and frequency to Ahee’s desired target market. We are in our Third campaign with Ahee and they have received an overwhelmingly positive response from both current clients and potential customers.


DPro and Ahee have continued to enjoy a long and prosperous partnership together. Since the original project, DPro and Ahee have collaborated on numerous projects, including a holiday commercial campaigns, Capuchin Soup Kitchen event coverage video, Morada Blue swimsuit, and jewelry event coverage, Ahee 65th Anniversary celebration video, and Ahee’s 5 Star Award ceremony coverage, among many others.

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