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Legacy 925


Experienced a 600% increase in web traffic and a similar increase in foot traffic and sales from Dec 2017 – Dec 2018. Traffic and sales continue to grow as their brand awareness expands.

About the project

Legacy 925 is a Family Entertainment Center located in Oxford, Michigan. DPro was hired to help them launch their new massive center and build a sustainable brand. Legacy 925 has everything ranging from a trampoline park, a bar/restaurant, indoor go-karts, an arcade, bowling ally, and more! A major part of their sales is from corporate training, senior all night parties, and all types of celebrations. The only challenge we had is how to explain this massive facility to multiple demographics, through multiple channels with a limited budget.

The solution was both fun and rewarding. It included defining their target markets, establishing their messaging, categorizing their demographics, and building their brand. The content was created using photos and videos that show the excitement and energy of Legacy 925 specific to each demographic.

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